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The secret to my success…

Are you struggling to grow your Etsy shop ? If so, you have landed to the right place.

I started my Etsy account at the end of 2020. Despite my business skills being in shirts, I started a digital Etsy shop. I thought a digital…

most of us feel it

not always our fault

it may be the fault in our stars

it’s a deadly weapon within

like the 7 deadly sins

some feel it…

to think of the journey

you’ve overcome

yourself by yourself

because oneself

didn't believe in themself

to think yourself of something

more than yourself

to hope for a future-


how do i know love?

is it amongst many things?

like some know loneliness

comes even if your with someone else

or anger can be felt with oneself

or depression sometimes just needs one help

love is not just in the heat

like a drawing is not just art



my blessing

sent too soon

for foolish of me

with my darken eyes

I stood bewildered

by what is mine

too pure for my reality

I vanished in my…

many things have failed

but why shall I ?

I am not failure

I am progress

failure is not a destination

it can not be ended

time can still progress

Poem Scatter

Who knows when death comes-

Except the man above

We dread the thought

To think he knows when we go

Death is less than for get

We all…


down there no one will see

besides the people like me

calmness as the sun rise

time yet evolved

from seconds to years

from life to birth

for a…

Segment #1

The mask I wear

it’s holding tight (prior covid) :|

what is my skin

which lead me to pretend

and not acknowledge my kin

to transform an enemy…


Her soil was nutritious

Absorbing the toxic water

Plants dipped and dive

While she was in the mist

No one bothered to save

When the poison tempted

Her soil…


Hi, im India. I am just here to share my experiences! I hope you have a nice day!!

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